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rook (the bird)

The rook belongs to the crow family …


Remote Operations On Klimadaten.

Rook is a Web Processing Service (WPS) of the roocs project to allow remote operations like subsetting on climate model data. This service provides a one-to-one mapping to the operations available in the daops library based on xarray.


Learn more about rook in its official documentation at

Submit bug reports, questions and feature requests at


You can find information about contributing in our Developer Guide.

Please use bumpversion to release a new version.


The tests folder includes additional tests for a deployed rook service.

  • Smoke test: ensure service is operational. See tests/smoke/

  • Storm test: load-test using locust. See tests/storm/


Free software: Apache Software License 2.0


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the bird-house/cookiecutter-birdhouse project template.

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